The Sun down
Chau Doc

Chau Doc is a river city close to the Cambodia border. There are a number of floating houses (the floats are empty metal drums) which provide a convenient way for families to raise fish underneath. What makes Chau Doc interesting is it's mix of communities, Khmer, Cham, and Chinese. The Cham are mostly muslim, and leave in isolated communities across the river, complete with mosques. The Sam mountain, which provides an outstanding view over the Cambodia border, has dozens of pagodas and shrines where the Chinese influence is obvious. At it's base lie the Tay Anh pagoda, whose architecture is influenced by Hindu and Islamic style, and the temple of the Lady Chua Xu to whom offerings of whole roasted pigs and lavishly embroided clothes are made.

Sunrise on the Hau Giang riverStilts housesStilts houses line a road traversing inundated rice fields, seen from Sam mountain. Cambodia is in the farStilts houses and inundated rice fieldsFloating houses. They double as fish reservoirsFloating houses on the Hau Giang riverFloating houses on the Hau Giang river

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