A festival of national level

In 2001, the Festival of the Land Goddess Spirit was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information and General Department of Tourism as a festival of national level.

Besides traditional rites, the festival also includes a cultural week lasting from the 20th to 27th of the fourth lunar month. The most colorful parts are the opening and reproduction ceremonies.

- Opening ceremony.

It is usually held on the eve of the Statue Bathing Rite, that is, before all traditional rites. The program is rather diverse and colorful with various shows: staging the story of the temple, dragon dance, floats procession, and many performances by ethnic groups. After a speech by local leadership is drum beating ceremony followed by performance of plays describing down the statue from the mountain. A firework display ends this ceremony in the presence of thousands of people.

Reproduction ceremony

To describe the effort to bring down the statue of the Land Goddess from the top of the mountain by nine maidens, the reproduction ceremony is performed in the morning after the opening ceremony with the participation of some two thousands of performers from theatrical and dragon dance groups and thousands of pilgrims and visitors.

A long time line of people goes upwards from the pavilion of War Heroes Monument at the foot of the mountain to its top along the Thap Road. When the first group reaches the pedestal and starts the process of bringing down the statue, the last groups are still at the foot of the mountain. This magnificent scene makes the festival of Land Goddess Spirit more eye–catching and solemn.

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