Cow Racing Festival in An Giang

If you visit An Giang in Vietnam, you should also explore the ethnic culture of the place. And for that, witnessing the Cow Racing Festival in An Giang can be the perfect choice.

Cow Racing Festival is observed on the last day of the tenth month in the Khmer calendar annually. This is the calendar subscribed to by the Khmer, an ethnic minority group inhabiting the Mekong delta province of An Giang. This tribe celebrates this festival as a part of the Don Ta Ceremony in which tributes are paid to the fore-fathers. You can witness this festival if you visit the Tinh Bien and Tri Ton districts. Interestingly enough, the festival is accompanied by a cow race, the setting of which is meticulously prepared.

Features of Cow Racing Festival in An Giang
 -   People visit a pagoda on the day of the festival and Khmer tribe invite the spirits of their fore-fathers to join with the living members while eating.
  -   Even the guests are warmly and grandly greeted by the members of the Khmer tribe because the guests are believed to have been sent by the ancestors.
  -   After the prayer, the locals go to the local river where they create rafts by tying the trunks of banana trees. Then these rafts are used to contain the offerings which are floated in the water to be taken away by the current.
  -   However, the main attraction of the festival is the cow race.
  -   The race track is laid on an even ground, which is approximately of 60 meters and 170 meters
  -   An elevated land surrounds the track on which the spectators sit. A line separates the race track into two lanes, each of 90 meter in length and of 4 meter in width.
  -   During the festival, two cows are each hooked to a disc and each of the cows are supervised by a chief-man (Nai) standing on the pedal.
  -   The end of the race is specified by red and green flags.
  -   The teams , each with two pairs of cow and two men, are not allowed to steer away from the straight line of running the race
  -   As the race continues, people celebrate the mood of revelry with food and fun.



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